The Top 8 Things to See in Cambodia on Your Gap Year

With temples, rain forest and the Mekong Delta, as well as boasting an optimal location between Thailand and Vietnam, it’s no wonder Cambodia has wriggled its way into your Southeast Asia itinerary.

You’ve certainly made a good choice – with all its unique history, beaches and wildlife there are so many things to do in Cambodia. With so much country to cover and so little time you’ll need some help narrowing down the must-see sights.

So here you go, no worries, we’ve done it for you.

Top Attractions in Cambodia

1. The Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda

Walk across, or try to get as close as you can, to the sparkling, shiny and extremely fancy silver floor inside Phnom Penh’s Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda. The entire floor is made of silver, but that’s not all. This extravagant labyrinth of mosaics, precious gems and brilliant works of art is fit for the home of any king, making it easy to understand how many have lived here since the 1800s. It’s worth the $5 entry fee just to get a little taste of life as a Cambodian Royal.