What happens if a new sovereign state suddenly comes into being? Will you have to dash over there in order to keep the record?!

Good question! From my understanding, if it happens while I’m in the process of breaking the record, then yes, I will have to go. However if it’s after the record then I don’t think so, because it would defeat the purpose of “fastest”… if it happens 20 years from now it wouldn’t make sense to go.

By the time you’re finished you’ll have spent nearly two intense years travelling – how are you feeling about it all coming to an end? What’s next?

I’m really exhausted so I’m excited to finish so that I can catch up on 2 years worth of sleep. But it’ll also be a weird feeling to not be traveling every day. I’m excited to start focusing more on my career, which involves so many projects already. I’m also really excited to get back into training for triathlons; I’m aiming to compete in my first Ironman next year.

What advice would you give to young people – particularly young women – who want to travel but are feeling unsure or scared?

If you have a dream, quest, goal, etc., do not let anyone deter you from pursuing it. Have an immense amount of motivation and dedicate yourself to your vision one hundred percent. Know that if you want something that bad, you’ll do everything in your power to make it happen.

Utilize Google; it’s been the best resource for me to learn how to write a business plan, obtain sponsors, plan my route, etc. Utilize social media, listen to podcasts and network with as many influential people as possible. Act now, have that sense of urgency, don’t wait. Tell yourself every day either in the mirror or every night before you fall asleep, where you envision yourself a year from now, because the more you tell yourself what you want, the higher the chance you’ll work day in and day out to achieve that goal.

My advice for women traveling alone is to be confident, know some Krav Maga combatives just in case, don’t look lost, put your shades on to avoid the harassment if it’s there and above all else, enjoy yourself, immerse yourself in the experience, travel off the beaten path and have fun. Be aware, carry a small tracking devise such as SPOT so that your loved ones don’t have to worry and most importantly, listen to your intuition but trust in humanity.