6. Smiley

Erring on the unusual side, we’re not sure you’ll be smiling once you see this dish. This is a sheep’s head that’s basically boiled until the burnt hair reveals the teeth in a smile.

A street food favourite in smaller towns, you can dig right in on the street or take it along on your next journey as an ideal bus snack. Be sure to check it comes with the brains, tongues and eyes, otherwise there’s a good chance you didn’t get enough Billy for your buck.

7. Melktart

Another one for dessert lovers, melktart is made of sugar, pastry, flour and eggs. As traditional as a goat’s head isn’t, it’s a great finish to any South African meal.

In fact, it’s loved so much that locals dedicate a whole day to it on February 27th. With every region adding its own twist, you can easily sample a few different varieties and enjoy the subtle sweetness and cheesecake consistency over and over again.

8. Amarula Don Pedro

Wash it all down with a milkshake, or is it a cocktail? It seems no one can quite decide what this thick and creamy beverage really is, but combining a love of our two favourite beverages works for us.

Made with amarula liqueur, a dollop of ice cream and a dash of cream (as if it isn’t sugary enough) it’s a sweet fix with a hard hit. A popular recipe in most family cookbooks, you’ll find it in bars and restaurants countrywide, and it’s absolutely delicious.