10 Things You’ll Do on Your Gap Year (but Probably Shouldn’t)

Travelling with a bunch of new friends and little sense of time, or even responsibility, means you may do things you never would at home. This can be amazing. It can also not.

You push your boundaries, dare to venture outside your comfort zone and usually end up having more fun than you ever imagined. But, on your gap year, there are just a few things you’ll probably do that perhaps, just maybe, you shouldn’t.

1. Sleep with strangersgiphy[1]

Let’s face it; gap year travellers are a raunchy bunch. It happens a lot. All we can say is be safe, careful, and don’t fall for every set of brooding eyes that look your way. And don’t feel like you have to just because you’ve had a snog and a fumble in the beach club.

2. Jump out of a planegiphy[1]

Usually best to tell the parents about this one after it’s happened. They might not think it sounds like the safest of activities, but it’s an adrenaline rush like no other. Go for it.

3. Eat insectsgiphy[1]

You’ve watched too many episodes of ‘I’m a Celebrity’ not to test out your own stomach with an insect or two when they’re offered up. Those grasshoppers in Oaxaca, Mexico? Delicious!

4. Ride a scootergiphy[1]

You can be let off if you drive safely, but being abroad usually lowers inhibitions and gives you an unwarranted amount of confidence that can easily cause accidents. If you’re going to do it, don’t drink and drive and don’t drive like a dick.

5. Talk to strangersgiphy[2]

Striking up a conversation with someone you’ve never met before is the best way to learn about a new place and to make friends, so, despite your parents telling you differently, stranger doesn’t always mean danger.

6. Dodge the showersgiphy[3]

Gap year chic tends to mean greasy hair and unwashed pits, and if you’re going to nail that trend it’s almost compulsory that you take a break from the bath and only occasionally scrub. Also, you can’t guarantee hot water, so what’s the point?

7. Drink from bucketsgiphy[3]

You may have thought your days of playing with a bucket and spade were over, but Asia has different ideas. Drinking out of a bucket is a novelty, but the fast-acting power of the straw means you’ll probably drink way too much without realising. Watch yo-self.

8. Explore the junglegiphy[3]

Braving the board is like a gapper’s rite of passage and the scars you bring home are like little souvenirs, so don’t feel bad about picking up yours. Tip: if you’re hitting the likes of Bondi or Hawaii, save yourself the pain of rash and sun burn with a rash vest. Damage limitation.

10. Ride down rivers in tyre tubesgiphy-downsized-large[1]High tides, strong currents and no life jackets – sounds epic, right?